Software Engineer | NYC

I am a New York City based Software Engineer with a background in hospitality. In my free time, I develop resources and tools for the service industry. ​Check out my portfolio below to see some of my most recent work.


Languages: JavaScript | Python
Front-End: React | EJS | Bootstrap | HTML | CSS
Databases: MongoDB | SQL
Backend: Express | Node.js | Git | Rest API

Recent Clients

Busboy Website Homepage


Busboy is a platform highlighting the stories, lessons, and advice from members of the hospitality industry.

HTML | CSS | SAAS | Javascript | E-Commerce

Homepage for Top Flor

Top Flor Beverage

A fully responsive website outlining for 'Top Flor' an agency specializing in wine and cocktail program curation

HTML | CSS | Javascript

Beverage Consultant Homepage

Melissa Markert

A fully responsive single page website for Brooklyn-based beverage consultant Melissa Markert.

HTML | CSS | Javascript

Little Armenia Cafe Homepage

Little Armenia Cafe

​A responsive website for a local pop-up restaurant serving up authentic Armenian cuisine.​

HTML | CSS | JavaScript

Barber Nilo Cuts Homepage

Nilo's Cuts

A personal website for booking appointments with NYC-based barber Nilo Jordan Obando

HTML | CSS | Javascript

Photographer Josh Johnson Homepage

Johnson Photography

A portfolio website showcasing the works of photographer Jake Johnson.

HTML | CSS | Javascript

Theophilio Website Homepage


A redesign of product and checkout pages for a Brooklyn-based wearables label.

Liquid | SASS | JavaScript | E-Commerce

Coco Lim Haas Website Homepage

Coco Lim Haas

A responsive e-commerce site for a Brooklyn based ceramicist.

HTML | CSS | JavaScript | E-Commerce



bread web app homepage

A full-stack web app for reviewing and sharing salary information in the hospitality industry.

MongoDB | Express.js | Node.js | EJS

Delivery Dashboard

On Bar Management

On Bar Management Home Page

A platform for sharing resources like spreadsheets for owners, managers, and employees in the hospitality community.

HTML | CSS | Spreadsheets


No Spoilers Chrome Extension Walkthrough

A browser extension to hide episode titles, descriptions, and images to prevent your favorite show from being spoiled.


Banned Words

Banned Phrases Walkthrough

A tool for writers and editors to check if their writing sample contains any undesireable words or phrases such as clichés.

HTML | CSS | Javascript

About me

I attended Rutgers Business School for Information Systems and worked in the hospitality industry while I was in school. After graduation, I moved to NYC and continued in the field for a few years. During my career, I constantly used terrible software that malfunctioned all the time. It irritated my coworkers, myself and even my guests. I felt like I could do better, so I started learning to code in my free time so that I could make software that would improve my colleagues lives.

​I then started creating and sharing free resources and tools for people in the hospitality industry. Once the pandemic hit, the service industry was devastated. I leaned into my engineering skillset and made websites for small businesses during the pandemic. I continued to freelance for a few years and have had some wonderful clients.

I am now ready to join a product team to build software that people love and use daily.


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